When to Use Chemical Grout Injection Services

Are you planning a construction project? Your choices for service providers and construction solutions are nearly limitless. What are your best options? For many building projects, chemical grout injection services are key. A call to a provider of sealant services in Indianapolis, IN before you start on your project would be highly beneficial.

Which projects benefit the most from this service? Chemical grout injection is advantageous in many scenarios. Following is an overview of chemical grout injection and its top uses.

Chemical Grout Injection: Definition

If you’re going to apply this technique, it’s important to understand exactly how chemical grout injection works. This process mixes microfine or ultrafine cement with water and plasticizer, and then injects it into the ground. The grout mix solidifies in the soil, creating a permanent block that offers increased load-bearing capability.

This process is used to strengthen the building site, improve foundations and meet standards for building near sensitive areas such as utilities.

Chemical Grout Injection: Applications

It is often advantageous to construct below ground level to make full use of your property. Chemical grout injection performed by sealant services in Indianapolis, IN can prove useful for:

  • Basement construction: Creating a below-grade portion of a home or commercial building requires careful construction. One must ensure the foundation is solid and that future shifts in the soil will not compromise the structural integrity of the building. Chemical grout injection can help create the solid soil needed for basement construction.
  • Swimming pool excavation: Building a swimming pool is no simple task. The immense weight of the water and the pressure it creates must be precisely balanced. Chemical grout injection can help engineer the solutions you need to build up the soil for sustaining a pool.
  • Wine cellar installation: A wine cellar is responsible for storing what may be a priceless collection. It’s essential for the construction to be sound to protect your investment. Chemical grout injection is helpful to build a cellar with a sound foundation and walls.

Chemical Grout Injection: Benefits

This method of construction offers several benefits to project planners.

  • Simple technique: By using chemical grout injection, you can eliminate the need for complex techniques, including contiguous piling and sheet piling.
  • Expedited project: Some projects require deep excavations. By using chemical grout injection, you can use one pour to install various levels of retaining footings. This expedites your project, saving time and money.
  • Low impact: Unlike other construction methods, chemical grout injection creates virtually no noise and no vibrations. Additionally, it can be accomplished by drilling very small holes to inject through concrete paths and basement walls without demolition.

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