Why Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Is Best for Historic Restoration Work

There has been an increasingly popular trend, particularly in old Rust Belt cities across the Midwest like Indianapolis, IN, of taking existing buildings and performing restoration work to repurpose them for new uses. For example, a lot of old industrial and commercial buildings are now being turned into apartments, restaurants, bars and other types of properties, even after having sat empty for years.

This widespread restoration and renewal that’s occurring in American cities is great for several reasons. First, it is often cheaper than brand-new construction, which saves money for the property owner. Second, it injects some new life into urban areas to have old, unused or decaying buildings get a much-needed overhaul and transformation, and to have them once again become centers of industry or to turn them into places where people live or enjoy themselves. There are many environmental benefits associated with restoring old structures, as well—there’s less waste that goes to landfills, and less energy expended on the creation of new materials used for the project.

Of course, when engaged in historic restoration work, you will need to use different kinds of processes than you would in new construction, especially if you’re hoping to make the old materials look new again. This is where dry ice blasting comes in.

About dry ice blasting services in Indianapolis, IN

Dry ice blasting is one of the more popular methods to restore the appearance of these historic buildings, and it’s being used in restoration work all over the United States. Like sandblasting or other forms of abrasive media blasting, it involves taking media (dry ice) and blasting it at a substrate to clean it and potentially prepare it for additional finishing. It can be used to restore finishes on façades, walls, ceilings, floors, entryways and other parts of old, historic structures.

Here are just a few examples of some of its benefits:

  • Clean: Dry ice blasting is extremely clean. It generates zero secondary waste, which is a massive benefit in comparison to other forms of abrasive media blasting.
  • Environmentally friendly: Beyond just generating no waste, there are other environmental benefits to going with dry ice blasting. For example, dry ice itself is a renewable resource.
  • Cost effective: When you consider the low amount of time dry ice blasting takes, combined with the relatively low price point at which you can get these services, it’s one of the more cost effective forms of media blasting you’ll find, which is especially beneficial if you need to keep costs down in your restoration work.
  • High quality: Simply put, the results you get from dry ice blasting are outstanding. You will be hard pressed to find an option that matches the quality of dry ice blasting at this same price point and efficiency.

Are you interested in learning more about dry ice blasting and how the process works? We encourage you to contact Knauss Property Services, LLC today. We’d be happy to provide further information about our dry ice blasting services in Indianapolis IN!