Why Should You Choose Dry Ice Blast Cleaning?

When it comes to cleaning, many options are available. You want to choose the method that offers the highest efficiency for the best ROI. You want to make your cleaning as easy as possible and achieve greater longevity for your equipment. Dry ice blasting in Indianapolis, IN is the perfect solution.

This method offers multiple advantages over other cleaning methods. The next time you need an effective cleaning technique, consider these benefits of dry ice blasting. If you try this method, you may wonder why you ever cleaned any other way:

  • No dry time: When you use dry ice blasting in Indianapolis, IN, there is no water or other chemical residue involved. This means there’s no dry time. The surface is immediately dry and ready to reuse.
  • Nooks and crannies: How often have you tried to clean hard-to-reach spaces? Often, the effort is great and the return is little. It’s nearly impossible to get these spots as clean as you’d like—that is, it’s nearly impossible unless you use dry ice blasting. This allows you to reach tight spaces to achieve a better cleaning.
  • Speed: Quite simply, dry ice blasting is faster than other methods. It takes less time to get your desired results. You’ll enjoy more time to complete other projects, or even relax and do something more fun than clean!
  • Stationary cleaning: With dry ice blasting, you don’t have to disassemble and reassemble equipment for cleaning. You can clean equipment in place, making it easer to accomplish and complete more frequently.
  • Non-abrasiveness: This method can be safely used on equipment that would be damaged by other cleaning methods. Dry ice blasting is safe for most substrates and electrical components.
  • Green qualities: Dry ice blasting in Indianapolis, IN is environmentally friendly. It reduces environmental cleanup and reduces overall waste. It also meets USDA, FDA and EPA guidelines.
  • Safety: Employees who are in charge of cleaning projects are not exposed to chemicals when they employ dry ice blasting. This creates a safer environment for workers and anyone else in the area.
  • Gentleness: Dry ice doesn’t erode or abrade equipment surfaces like other methods do. It requires less labor-intensive efforts, offering a method that is gentler on workers and equipment.
  • Mold-reduction: Using water during cleaning creates the potential for mold and bacteria growth. Dry ice blasting eliminates the need for reclaiming water and takes mold out of the equation.
  • Cost-reduction: Dry ice blasting reduces expenses by eliminating the need for hazardous chemicals and costly cleanup procedures. Because it is a faster process, it also reduces labor costs.

Start Taking Advantage of Dry Ice Blasting Today

Whether you need to clean complex equipment or tight spaces, or simply want to save time and labor on your cleaning efforts, dry ice blasting in Indianapolis, IN is your ideal solution. To start taking advantage of this efficient cleaning method or to learn more about its benefits, contact the experts at Knauss Property Services. We offer the in-depth knowledge and superior service you need to get the best results from your cleaning efforts.