Why You Might Need Basement Leak Repair in Indianapolis, IN

Is your basement flooding? From minor puddles to major lakes, basement leaks can cause extensive damage. How can you prevent it? The first step is to identify why your basement is flooding. Once you know the source, you can work on basement leak repair in Indianapolis, IN and the prevention of future flooding.

Use the following guide to determine the cause of your basement flooding. This list includes the most common reasons commercial or industrial basements experience leaks. For additional resources, contact your local experts in basement leak repair in Indianapolis, IN:

  • Leaky window wells: Does your basement feature window wells? These structures are effective at keeping soil and water away from windows, allowing natural sunlight to enter the basement and providing emergency exits. However, they can also be a source of leaks. If your drainage system is not working properly, the window wells may fill with water and leak into the basement.
  • Leaky cracks: Does your basement have any cracks in the walls? If so, these can allow rainwater to enter the basement. Keep in mind that repairing these cracks may not achieve basement leak repair in Indianapolis, IN. You must determine what caused the crack and deal with that issue, so that future cracks do not appear. If you notice any cracks, contact a professional for repairs right away before the problem worsens.
  • Leaky honeycombs: Honeycombs are deteriorated air pockets in your basement walls that resemble honeycombs. They are caused by a poor mixing of the concrete when the basement was first constructed. These cavities can allow water to seep through, and they can be easily repaired by professionals experienced in basement leak repair in Indianapolis, IN.
  • Leaky pipes: These can cause slow damage over time or sudden, extensive damage all at once. Slow leaks in your plumbing can remain hidden and create small moisture pockets that generate mold. Sudden bursts in pipes can create major flooding issues. Watch for signs that your pipes are leaking to avoid major disasters that eventually occur when the plumbing fails completely.
  • Leaky pump: Does your property have a sump pump? If your commercial building has a basement, you likely have one of these machines. Sometimes, their failure can cause basement flooding. The sump pump may lose power, fail or become clogged. In any of these situations, you’ll need basement leak repair in Indianapolis, IN. Your sump pump may also need to be replaced, and you may want to consider installing some type of backup system.
  • Leaky drain: In this case, you aren’t experiencing a leak, but a clog. Sewer water may cause your floor drain to clog. It may also become blocked by something in the basement. Be sure to keep your floor drain clear and well-maintained to prevent water damage.

Are you experiencing any of these wet basement issues at your business? Don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Knauss Property Services. We will apply decades of experience to your basement leak repair in Indianapolis, IN. Our team is dedicated to keeping your space dry to keep your operations running smoothly.