Why You Should Consider Sandblasting

Sandblasting is an easy and efficient way to prepare surfaces, whether you plan to paint them or coat them with a protective barrier. It not only cleans the surface of dust and debris, but also removes paint, rust, corrosion and other problems. Although “sandblasting” implies that abrasive blasting can only performed with sand, a number of other materials can be used, including water, glass beads and walnut shells—each material offers a different effect.

Commercial buildings and structures often require sandblasting before they can be refinished. Read on to learn why mobile sandblasting in Indianapolis, IN is a smart choice for property owners:

• Prepares the surface for painting: To get a good coat of paint or other finish, you need a perfectly smooth surface. Sandblasting removes the thinnest outer layer of your building’s finish, leaving behind a smooth surface that’s ready to receive paint and other coatings.

• Removes rust and corrosion: Rust and corrosion are a building’s enemies—the oxidation of moisture and metal can weaken the structure, and the surface won’t accept paint. To remedy this, have your building sandblasted by professionals. The rust and corrosion can be removed by sandblasting, leaving behind a newly-minted surface.

• Removes contaminants: If you want your building to look good and have a durable surface paint job or other finish, you need to prepare the surface first, which includes removing contaminants like oil and grease, or the remnants of past paint jobs. Foreign substances on your building will interfere with the finish’s ability to adhere to the building and stay there. To achieve this, make sure you use a form of sandblasting to ensure that everything has come off the building that shouldn’t be there—then it will be ready to accept the paint.

• Safe and easy: You can use chemicals to strip paint, rust and other contaminants off your building, but it’s not the most environmentally friendly solution—nor is it great for anyone’s health. Sandblasting is a safe and easy way to prepare your building for refinishing, and doesn’t require operators to be exposed to hazardous chemicals. Instead, the process involves using organic materials, many of which can be reused in the future.

• Cost effective: Not only is sandblasting fast and easy, it’s also cost effective compared to manual refinishing. You’ll need much less manpower to achieve the results you’re looking for, avoid hazardous chemicals and get it done much faster than you would using other methods. For any business on a budget and a tight schedule, sandblasting is the superior choice.

Mobile sandblasting in Indianapolis, IN is the smart choice for most structures. It works on a number of different surfaces, including most metals, glass, plastic and even rubber.

Are you interested in hiring a sandblasting team to prepare your buildings or structures? Knauss Property Services, LLC specializes in getting commercial properties in their best shape ever, with services including sandblasting, masonry restoration, leak repair and more. We can restore or maintain your commercial industrial building—call us today to learn more about our services.