Winterizing Your Commercial Building

Is your building sealed up tight for the winter? To properly prep for the cold weather, consider commercial waterproofing in Indianapolis, IN. This process will protect your building from moisture, freezing water and the structural damages these conditions can cause.

A combination of appropriate sealing and caulking in Indianapolis, IN will ensure your property stays dry and structurally sound. Examine the following areas of your building that may need treatment before Old Man Winter settles in:

  • Windows: Over time, weather stripping on windows can wear out. If this important sealant is cracked or missing, your windows will be drafty. They can allow moisture to seep in and warm air to seep out. To protect your windows and keep utility bills lower, replace old weather stripping and re-caulk to seal cracks or missing caulk.
  • Doors: Entrances can experience issues similar to those of windows. Check your doors for a lack of solid caulking. Refreshing your caulking in Indianapolis, IN around doors is an effective way to winterize your building.
  • Foundation: Is your foundation solid? Do you see any cracks or signs of moisture penetration? If your foundation is allowing leaks, you could suffer structural damage in the basement or other areas of the building. Waterproofing this structure will protect it from damage and mold issues.
  • Parking structures: Does your commercial property include a parking structure? Don’t forget to waterproof this area as well. Pooling water can create dangerous situations for pedestrians and drivers as the temperatures drop and the moisture freezes. Moisture that collects in cracks can also cause additional damage as it freezes and expands.
  • Walls: Cracks in the walls could be a sign of previous or current water damage or leak issues. Dry, solid walls are essential to the structural integrity of your building. Commercial waterproofing in Indianapolis, IN can help keep your building strong and dry.
  • Plumbing: Are your bathroom and kitchen areas ready for winter? If any areas need re-caulking, now is the time to get this done. Make sure everything is in top working order before cold temperatures arrive. Waterproof these areas to prevent leaks that can cause extensive damage.
  • Below-grade: Does your property have a basement or other underground areas? These spaces are highly susceptible to moisture penetration. In the winter, the moisture that seeps in can cause even more damage as it freezes. Commercial waterproofing in Indianapolis, IN is a great solution to protect your below-grade areas from damage this winter.
  • Openings: Does your setting have any unique openings? Roof accesses, skylights, window wells and other features are potential sources of air and water leaks. Proper caulking and waterproofing are necessary to protect these structures and their surroundings.

Get Ready

Are you ready for freezing temperatures and snowfall? Before the ice storms coat your building with moisture, prep it for winter. Contact your local experts for waterproofing and caulking in Indianapolis, IN. At Knauss Property Services, LLC, we are equipped with the knowledge, skills and tools to get your property ready for the season. Reach out to our friendly team today with any questions or to schedule an appointment!

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